Pro Java EE 5 Performance Management and Optimization is the definitive resource and companion if you're tasked with managing a Java EE 5 environment. This book features proven methodology to guarantee top performing Java EE 5 applications, and explains how to measure performance in your specific environment. The book also details performance integration points throughout the development and deployment lifecycles that are paramount for application success.
In QA and pre-production, this book guides you through testing and optimally deploying your Java EE 5 applications, with particular attention to assessing capacity and discovering your saturation points. It defines the concept and application of wait-based tuning, which is one of the most effective approaches to application server tuning.
After your applications are deployed to production, the book helps you assess and improve their health. Some topics include trending, forecasting, and capacity assessment and planning. Then when production issues arise, you'll be armed with troubleshooting methodology, including solutions to common problems that have been observed in real-world environments. This book even guides you through the creation of a formal Java EE 5 Performance Management Plan-customized to your environment to help you interpret and react to changing trends in usage patterns.

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