This is your go-to guide for becoming a professional photographer. Do it full time, part time, or any time at all. R. Dodge Woodson can explain how it is possible to start working nights and weekends as a pro photographer and grow your efforts into a full-time business. Even if you don't want to leave your present job you can still make hundreds of dollars on some weekends with your camera and your skills. It is unlikely that you can do it every weekend, but a simple wedding on a Saturday could bring in a few thousand dollars for you. Evening work at the homes of customers can be quite profitable. Get into pet photography. That is a field that is still open to working pros. Most cheap, department-store-type, studios don't allow pets and people spend a lot of money on their pets. You don't need a studio or extensive lighting set-ups. Be a location photographer. Work outside. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone who has adequate equipment and the skills needed to take pro-level photos. This is a quick read that cuts to the chase. It will not teach you how to become a photographer, but it will give you a great look at career opportunities and how to achieve them from a man who has 30 years of experience and survival skills as a working pro. If you are a serious photographer who wants to pay for some new equipment or start your own photography business, this is a must-read guide. Even pros will find the evaluations on various types of photography invigorating and informative.

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