Probabilistic approaches have played a prominent role in the study of complex physical systems for more than thirty years. This volume collects twenty articles on various topics in this field, including self-interacting random walks and polymer models in random and non-random environments, branching processes, Parisi formulas and metastability in spin glasses, and hydrodynamic limits for gradient Gibbs models. The majority of these articles contain original results at the forefront of contemporary research; some of them include review aspects and summarize the state-of-the-art on topical issues one focal point is the parabolic Anderson model, which is considered with various novel aspects including moving catalysts, acceleration and deceleration and fron propagation, for both time-dependent and time-independent potentials. The authors are among the worlds leading experts. This Festschrift honours two eminent researchers, Erwin Bolthausen and Jürgen Gärtner, whose scientific work has profoundly influenced the field and all of the present contributions.

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