The 7th and the 8th Asian Logic Conferences belong to the series of logic conferences inaugurated in Singapore in 1981. This meeting is held once every three years and rotates among countries in the Asia-Pacific region, with interests in the broad area of logic, including theoretical computer science. It is now considered a major conference in this field and is regularly sponsored by the Association for Symbolic Logic.This book contains papers — many of them surveys by leading experts — of both the 7th meeting (in Hsi-Tou, Taiwan) and the 8th (in Chongqing, China). The volume planned for the 7th meeting was interrupted by the earthquake in Taiwan and the decision was made to combine the two proceedings. The 8th conference is also the ICM2002 Satellite Conference on Mathematical Logic.Contents:Five Puzzles about Mathematics in Search of Solutions (C S Chihara)Computability, Definability and Algebraic Structures (R Downey)Popper and Miller, and Induction and Deduction (E Eells)Enlargements of Polynomial Coalgebras (R Goldblatt)A Common Structure of Logical and Algebraic Algorithms (Y Kawaguchi)Computational Complexity of Fractals (K I Ko)Definability in Local Degree Structures — A Survey of Recent Results Related to Jump Classes (A Li & Y Yang)An Application of NDJPROP to the Catch and Throw Mechanism (M Nakata et al.)A Problem on Theories with a Finite Number of Countable Models (A Tsuboi)Diamond Embeddings into the D.C.E. Degrees with 0 and 1 Preserved (G Wu)and other papersReadership: Logicians, computer scientists, research mathematicians and graduate students.

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