In todays society many young people have lost sight of the value of money and seem to believe that money really does "grow on trees." Part expose and part survival guide, Prodigal Sons and Material Girls addresses the nagging issue faced by many parents today why do their children have such unrealistic expectations about money?The book is divided into two comprehensive parts. Part I outlines the disturbing facts about Americas possession-crazed youth and the society that has distorted their views. Youll be introduced to everything from the "three-headed monster"a high-powered triumvirate of consumer products companies, media conglomerates, and advertising agencies that has tremendous influence over your childrento the distorted view of the American Dream as shaped by principles known as "The Teen Commandments." In learning what youre up against you can teach financial responsibility from a position of strength.In Part II, Dungan offers creative and convincing examples on how to leverage his highly successful "Share-Save-Spend" approach to money critical elements for you to help your children break free from the materialism that has become ingrained in our society. Through insightful anecdotes and simple exercises, you will learn how to: Talk to your children about moneyUnderstand the difference between financial wants and needsIncrease the probability of your children having a prosperous lifeRaise your childrens marketing IQMaintain healthy financial boundariesSet a healthy example for your children to followThe "ShareSaveSpend" methodology will help your children establish healthy financial habits and will undoubtedly become their foundation for making a lifetime of responsible financial decisions.Nathan Dungan is an innovative leader in the financial services industry. Over the past 15 years, he has been a top-performing financial advisor outside of Philadelphia, PA and most recently served as Vice President of Marketing for Lutheran Brotherhood (now Thrivent Financial for Lutherans), a $57 billion member-owned financial services company with nearly 3 million members. Dungan is a frequent speaker and workshop leader and has been widely quoted on this subject in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and has appeared on CNN and PBS.

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