Behind the scenes and topping the charts - today's most respected record producers share their secrets.From the Rolling Stones to Green Day to Norah Jones to the Dixie Chicks, record producers have always played an integral role in the success of an artist. In this fascinating account of how record producers shape the hits and the careers of major artists, author David Farinella talks to the men and women who've launched a thousand careers and pushed their collaborators to multi-Platinum success. He explores the chemistry between artist and producer and presents a treasure trove of sound practical tips for anyone wanting to produce.David John Farinella has been writing about music since 1990, concentrating his attention on performers, songwriters, record producers, and occasionally the personality that fuses them all. He's written for Rolling Stone, the San Francisco Chronicle, Billboard, Mix, Guitar Player, Spin, Alternative Press, Performing Songwriter, Modern Drummer, Hollywood Reporter and many others. Although Farinella has interviewed some legendary performers, it is the story behind the story that constantly fascinates him. Some of his most memorable professional moments have come in the studio as performers and producers put their hearts into the intricacies of a song.

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