Everybody has problems. The most productive people have the determination and ability to resolve their problems. Dr. Robert Carkhuff's model addresses the challenge of problem-solving and is based on The Art of Problem-Solving, first published over a decade ago and used by thousands of people. Productive Problem-Solving is an important book for groups and individuals - especially parents, teachers, counselors and administrators who recognize the importance of problem-solving in productivity and growth. In eight chapters, Dr. Carkhuff introduces and discusses the six skills involved in productive problem-solving. According to Dr. Carkhuff, the most important skill is defining your values. This step enables you to ask and answer the basic question in problem-solving: What do you want to get out of this situation and what are you willing to do to get those benefits? Problem-solving is a lifelong process. With this book, you have problem-solving procedures you can use throughout your life to resolve conflicts, make choices and develop directions you may not have otherwise developed.

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