Professional Killers explores the fascinating lives and careers of the world's most infamous hitmen and women including Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel , Sicilian Mafia killers, Big Joey Massino, Louis Two Guns Alterie, Jesse James and Billy the Kid among many others. Hitmen and women are able to detach themselves from any feelings of conscience in order to carry out the cold-blooded killing of another human being. The victims are often criminals themselves, but sometimes they are the innocent parents, spouse or even children of the actual enemy, brutally murdered for revenge or simply as an expression of power. Professional killers are a breed apart, they live by a moral code which remains completely alien to the rest of society. Enter the heart of the criminal underworld, but at your own risk. CONTENTSKillers for the Sicilian MafiaKillers for The Mob Wild West KillersAmerican Killers British KillersKiller GangsWomen Killers

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