What is this book about?If you want to use Visio to create enterprise software, this is the book for you.The integration of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect and Visio for Enterprise Architects provides a formidable tool. Visio offers powerful diagramming capabilities, including such things as creating UML models, mapping out databases with Entity Relationship diagrams, and aiding the development of distributed systems. Its integration with Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect means that C# or Visual Basic .NET code can be generated from the UML diagrams, and Visual Studio .NET projects can be reverse engineered to UML models.For the developer already familiar with UML and looking to get the best out of Visio, the Visual Studio .NET and Visio for Enterprise Architects combination is weakly documented, and the quality information needed to realize the time-saving features of Visio just does not seem to be available, until now.This book presumes that you are already familiar with the basic concepts of UML notation this book will not teach you UML. Instead, this book will take you forward into the Visio environment, showing you how to make the most of its software related features.What does this book cover?In this book, you'll learn how toDiagram business components in VisioGenerate code from a UML modelReverse engineer Visual Studio .NET projects into a UML modelReverse engineer into a UML model without source codeDocument the project with UML and VisioDesign distributed applications with Visio's diagramsWork with Entity Relationship database modeling, and round-trip engineering for database design

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