Professional WPF ProgrammingIf you want to learn how to build killer user interfaces for Windows and the web, then this book is for you. It arms you with the tools and code you'll need to effectively utilize the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). From creating appealing graphics and animated structures to enhancing performance and security, you'll be programming in no time.First you'll explore the WPF framework and learn how to develop basic applications with ASP.NET or Visual Basic(r). Next you'll discover how to build more sophisticated WPF interfaces using Microsoft(r) ExpressionBlend and then progress to more advanced programming techniques.Throughout the book, you'll find best practices for enterprise architectures using the WPF and its underlying technology. All this will help you quickly learn how to develop next-generation applications on the .NET 2.0 platform using the WPF.What you will learn from this bookHow to write applications with identical UIs on both Windows and the webTips for collaborating design and code development with Microsoft(r) Expression BlendAll about the object models, built-in server controls, HTML markup, code-behind, and the coordinative structure of each fileHow to migrate Win32 applications to WPFTechniques for integrating special effects and custom controls into an applicationAdvanced development concepts, including building workflows and a WCF serviceWho this book is forThis book is for experienced .NET developers who want to begin creating WPF web and desktop applications.Wrox Professional guides are planned and written by working programmers to meet the real-world needs of programmers, developers, and IT professionals. Focused and relevant, they address the issues technology professionals face every day. They provide examples, practical solutions, and expert education in new technologies, all designed to help programmers do a better job.

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