This book constitutes both a text for students of evaluation, and a guide for those readers undertaking evaluations or research into evaluation processes. Part 1explores the background to language program evaluation, examining the specific traditions of language program assessment, the wider context of social program evaluation, and the growing industry of quality management and mandate compliance. Part 2 sets out a series of evaluation case studies (some previously unpublished) that examine issues such as language across the curriculum, the native speaker teacher, the primary language curriculum, evaluation for quality management, and stakeholding. Each case examines the policy-making, program management and professional practice dimensions of programs, and explores how these relate to evaluation constructs and procedures. Part 3 provides a guide to evaluation practice and research. It looks at large-scale evaluations, teacher-led evaluations, and management-led evaluations, examining in each case purpose, design, evaluation research, impact, stakeholding and ethicality perspectives. Part 4 provides a comprehensive set of resources for those commissioning, undertaking or researching language program evaluations.

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