How does anthrax spread? Should I avoid opening my mail? Wasn't I vaccinated for smallpox years ago? What exactly is encephalitis? Is my workplace a target for bioterrorism? What precautions can I take to stay healthy and safe? PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST BIOTERRORISM From fears of full-scale germ warfare to the spread of dangerous and deadly illnesses, we are faced with a new breed of anxiety -- and more questions than ever -- about our safety and well-being in the face of bioterrorism. Dr. Philip M. Tierno, a member of the New York City Mayor's Task Force on Bioterrorism, addresses our fears with the most powerful antidote: information. Dr. Tierno explains: how germs can be used as potential weapons -- and how they can't how to distinguish the symptoms of a deadly disease from a run-of-the-mill bug how these diseases are treated how to assess the level of risk we face in our daily lives how to sort fact from myth in the face of frightening new developments what you can do to safeguard your family's health

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