The five previous volumes of Pseudomonas series covered the biology of pseudomonads in a wide context, including the niches they inhabit, the taxonomic relations among members of this group, the molecular biology of gene expression in different niches and under different environmental conditions, the analysis of virulence traits in plants, animals and human pathogens as well as the determinants that make some strains useful for biotechnological applications and promotion of plant growth. Pseudomonas volume 6 is intended to collect new information on molecular microbiology, infection and biodiversity. This sixth volume covers the following topics: transcription regulation, virulence control, physiology and metabolism, bacteriology, microbial genetics and genomics. Pseudomonas volume 6 will be of use to researchers working on these bacteria, particularly those studying genomics, physiology, quorum sensing, life styles, metabolism etc. Advanced students in biology, medicine and agronomy will also find this volume a valuable reference during their studies.

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