Infant-Parent Research & InterventionA. SCOTT DOWLINGIntroductionBEATRICE BEEBEMother-Infant Research Informs Mother-Infant TreatmentTESSA BARADONWhat Is Genuine Maternal Love?ARIETTA SLADE, LOIS SADLER, CHERYL DE DIOS-KENN, DENISE WEBB, JANICE EZEPCHICK, & LINDA MAYESMinding the BabyJUDITH ARONSIn a Black HoleALEXANDRA MURRAY HARRISONHerding the Animals into the BarnPsychoanalytic ResearchNICK MIDGLEY & MARY TARGETRecollections of Being in Child PsychoanalysisRONA KNIGHTThe Process of Attachment and Autonomy in LatencyClinical StudiesKAREN GILMOREPlay in the Psychoanalytic SettingLISSA WEINSTEIN & LAURENCE SAULPsychoanalysis as Cognitive RemediationSILVIA VISSCHER BELLA Girls Experience of Disfiguring TraumaPsychoanalytic Perspectives on the Future and the PastHAROLD P. BLUMPsychoanalytic Reconstruction and ReintegrationCORNELIS HEIJNOn Foresight

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