CLINICAL CONTRIBUTIONSRuth K. KarushThe Vicissitudes of Aggression in a Toddler: A Clinical Contribution Jill C. HerbertThe Analytic Pair in ActionFinding the Missing Mental Life: An Intersubjective ApproachLenore C. Terr, Joseph H. Beitchman, Kenneth Braslow, Geri Fox, Aubrey Metcalf, Maria Pease, Lynn Ponton, William Sack, and Saul WassermanChildrens Turn-Arounds in Psychotherapy: The Doctors GestureLandrum Tucker, Jr.The Grandparent Syndrome: A Case StudyTHE CHILD ANALYST AT WORKRachel G. SeidelAnna, Leaving HomeAn Adolescent Girls JourneyCommentaries on Rachel G. Seidels Anna, Leaving HomeAn Adolescent Girls Journey Charles E. Parks Samuel Abrams Judith A. Yanof E. Kirsten DahlTHEORETICAL CONTRIBUTIONSMitchel Becker and Boaz ShalgiThe Dialectic Between Self-Determination and Intersubjectivity in Creating the Experience of SelfIlan Harpaz-Rotem and Anni BergmanOn an Evolving Theory of Attachment: RapprochementTheory of a Developing MindFred PineA Note on Some Microprocesses of IdentificationRESEARCH STUDIESStuart T. Hauser, Eve Golden, and Joseph P. Allen Albert J. Solnit Award paper: Narrative in the Study of ResilienceOlivia Lempen and Nick MidgleyExploring the Role of Childrens Dreams in Psychoanalytic Practice Today: A Pilot StudyMiri Keren, Adi Ron-Miara, Ruth Feldman, and Samuel TyanoSome Reflections on Infancy-Onset TrichotillomaniaAPPLIED PSYCHOANALYSISFrederick C. MillerSuccessful Mourning: Maternal Loss and Grieving by Proxy in Fly Away HomePaul SchwaberFor Better and For Worst: Romeo and JulietMatthew Issac Cohen and Phyllis M. CohenPsychopathic Characters on the Stage of Stephen SondheimDaniel JacobsBlanche, Stella, Tennessee and Rose: The Sibling Relationship inA Streetcar Named DesireEugene MahonThe Invention of Purgatory: A Note on the Historical Pedigree of the Superego

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