Description The book was written with a view to enlighten those with little or no experience of coming into contact with those unfortunate to be suffering with PTSD, or indeed those with PTSD wanting more information about their disorder. It was not meant to be a work that should be read from start to finish, but may be done so if the reader wishes. It was intended to be used as a pick up reference. Extracts of the author's life and own particular turmoil has been used to give clear and concise descriptions of some of the symptoms that go to make up PTSD. The book is not written from a medical view, nor is it a definitive article on PTSD (if such a work exists) but to put down in layman's terms , words and phrases that one may hear when dealing with PTSD, in order to help form a clearer understanding of the disorder. Certain examples of PTSD in given situations have been included to give an insight into what could be happening to the sufferer, without...

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