Meet the indispensablepeople who can bringyour organizationto that crucial next level.How many can you recognize? And wheredo you fit in?The Builder: Creating a strong sense ofurgency to deliver results, they're thedriving force of a growing businessThe Connector: Born communicators,adept at negotiation andrelationship-buildingThe Conceiver: These intellectualacrobats think outside the box,imagine new possibilities, andcontribute to innovationThe Altruist: On the lookout to raiseyour organization's profile whilebenefiting the world at largeLeadership development experts AlainaLove and Marc Cugnon have identified tensuch Passion Profile Archetypes, and in ThePurpose Linked Organization, you'll learn thestrengths, vulnerabilities, and proper care andfeeding of them all.Authors Love and Cugnon offer easily implementableways to channel the power of each individual'spassions in a positive, purposeful direction.You'll understand how to link skills, values,and passions to performanceand how doingso will bring the results your organizationcan't afford to be without.Just as important, you'll be able to confidentlyassess your own purpose and passions so thatyour own organizational role will be as engaging,fulfilling, and productive as possible.Most employees spend more than 84,000hours of their lives at work. When that time ispersonally meaningful, great things can happen,which will enrich your organization, thecustomers it serves, and even society as a whole.

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