Ignite your passionate fire!Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? The Internet dating sites that put a premium on compatibility and shared interests could be keeping you from focusing on what's really important: a passionate love that rocks your world like nothing else. In Put Passion First, you'll learn how to open the floodgates of passionate love in your life, whether you're looking for that special someone or you want to ramp up the sexual chemistry in your current relationship. This book will help you to:Understand the danger of choosing comfort, security, and companionship over sexual chemistryTake off any emotional blinders that may be getting in the way of having the relationship you have always wantedStop downplaying your erotic desires and unleash your inner vixenGain fresh insight into men's vulnerable feelings about love and sex--and how to deal with men as they are, not how we want them to beWeather the ups and downs of relationships and create a lasting love

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