Finally, the best practices from the Quality field have been united with the best practices from the Wellness field. Wellness programs are designed to create a healthier workforce. A healthier workforce will exhibit less absenteeism, lower injury rates, lower illness rates, and thus, lower health care costs. An activity this important obviously deserves our very best effort. We have applied the best practices from the world of Quality to a site Wellness program with amazing success and are now ready to share the practical aspects of this work with you. You will learn how to set your Wellness Program up for success; how to set goals using the Healthy People 2000 guidelines; how to organize your Wellness Program around the Wellness Councils of America recognition requirements; and how to use the ISO 9000 Quality Management Standards to manage your program. Finally we will provide with examples and tools to help you implement all of these practices in your own program. If you want to...

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