The latest advances in phase imaging techniques used for electron microscopy and their applications for studying cells and tissuesQuantitative Phase Imaging of Cells and Tissues thoroughly explores the many quantitative phase imaging techniques (non-destructive bio sampling), discussing merits and demerits of each technique. The book is a professional reference written for optical scientists specializing in microscopic and molecular imaging, biological optics researchers, and molecular biologists.Quantitative Phase Imaging of Cells and TissuesFeatures 50 unique and rare biomolecular images taken by advanced QPI microscopyOffers exhaustive coverage of Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) microscopesIncludes traditional optical microscopy technology to facilitate technological comparisons between optical and electron microscopesDiscusses biomedical applications of QPIComprehensive coverage:Traditional Microscopy; Principles of Quantitative Phase Imaging; Scanning QPI Techniques; Full-field OQI techniques; Applications of static QPI; Applications of Dynamic QPI; Fourier Transform Light Scattering (FTLS); Applications of Fourier Transform Light Scattering

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