Contents: The Quantum Filtering Problem as a Dynamical Covariance Condition (L Accardi)CKS-Space in Terms of Growth Functions (N Asai et al.)Large Deviation Principle for Catalytic Processes Associated with Nonlinear Catalytic Noise Equations (I Dôku)The Estimation of Tunneling Time by the Use of Nelson's Quantum Stochastic Process — Towards a Comparison with a Neutron Interference Experiment (T Hashimoto & T Tomomura)Complexity in White Noise Analysis (T Hida)Cauchy Problems in White Noise Analysis and an Application to Finite Dimensional PDEs (U C Ji)Itô Formula for Generalized Lévy Functionals (Y-J Lee & H-H Shih)Rhythmic Contraction and Its Fluctuations in an Amoeboid Organism of the Physarum Plasmodium (T Nakagaki & H Yamada)Quantum Computation and NP-Complete Problems (T Nishino)A Note on Coherent State Representations of White Noise Operators (N Obata)Complexity in Quantum System and Its Application to Brain Function (M Ohya)NP-Complete Problems with Chaotic Dynamics (M Ohya & I V Volovich)Field Fluctuation and Signal Generation in Living Cells (F Oosawa)Stochastic Processes Generated by Functions of the Lévy Laplacian (K Saitô & A H Tsoi)Gaussian Processes and Gaussian Random Fields (S Si) An Approach to Synthesize Filters with Reduced Structures Using a Neural Network (K Suzuki et al.)Study for Modeling the Spontaneous Fluctuation in Biological System (M Yamanoi et al.)Readership: Pure and applied probabilists, functional analysts, mathematical physicists, theoretical physicists and mathematical biologists.

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