The first quantum mechanics text published that ties directly into a computer algebra system, this book exploits Mathematica(r) throughout for symbolic, numeric, and graphical computing. It is a work designed for computer interaction in an upper-divisionundergraduate or first-year graduate quantum mechanics course. It is also a toolbox for the practicing physicist seeking to automate a variety of algebraic and numerical tasks with the computer. The book is divided into two parts: "Systems in One Dimension" and "Quantum Dynamics." Part I emphasizes topics from a first-year course on quantum mechanics, while Part II includes more advanced topics. Although the text requires some familiarity with Mathematica, appendices are provided for gaining experience with the software and are referenced throughout the book. The text is task-oriented and integrated with numerous problems and exercises, with hints for working on the computer. James M. Feagin is a Professor of Physics at California...

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