The book provides practicing urologists and diagnostic surgical pathologists (and physicians in training) with immediately useful information in their patients' care. This intends to bridge the gap between pathologists and urologists by providing mutually important updated information. In the format of Question/Answer (Q/A), Professor Oyasu answers a number of questions from practicing and academic urologists, while reviewing the leading pathology and urology journals worldwide and extracted the updated information. This book covers many issues of which the clinician needs to be aware in regard to the pathology of tumors of the adrenal, kidney, urothelium, prostate and testes. This book is designed to be easy to review and to find the key answer. Each question is followed by a succinct answer and comments supported by references with generous use of full color photographs/illustrations. This series of Q/As is useful to a diagnostic surgical pathologist as well, in providing what urologists want to hear from him in his report.

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