In the midst of North Yorkshire where horse racing, the sport of Kings is as glamorous as ever two individuals decide to change their destiny. Charles Lancaster- Baron, aristocrat, professional gambler and one of Britain's most handsome and eligible bachelors has a very dark secret, one that if unearthed will see him clattering down the social ladder fast. The lengths he will go to in order to retain his social standing is unstoppable. Who will uncover his darkest secret first?Meanwhile Julia Smith, a beautiful love starved gypsy girl with an insatiable need to better her life sees a day at the races as the perfect solution. It is at the noble May Race meeting at York that all Julia's wishes come true when she meets the Italian millionaire, champion jockey Luca DeMario. However, it isn't long before she realises that her new world is far from perfect. Their individual paths take them on a head to head journey around the glamour of the British Race courses where insatiable appetites for sex, lust, greed and jealousy are growing within the turf... So, the aristocrat or the gypsy girl? Money or love? Whose mission will reach the winning post first?

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