This multidisciplinary textbook is designed to be the standard on the subject and is geared for use by physicians who are involved in the care and/or diagnosis of cancer patients, including general surgeons, nuclear medicine physicians, oncologists, and pathologists. Contributors to this book represent key members of the care team and include some of the most prestigious names in the field. Comprehensive coverage is provided on all aspects of radioguided surgery, including radiation protection, sentinel lymph node biopsy, and non-sentinel lymph node applications for various cancers, tumors, and lesions. Practical information is readily accessible and throughout there is an emphasis on improved decision making. For instance, discussions of lymph node staging, anatomy, and physiology provide rationale for performing radioguided studies and techniques. Tables present the indications, performance, and interpretation of procedures at a glance. A wealth of illustrations, including a full-color insert, enhances the application of new concepts.

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