There have been lots of changes in the traditional way of how students, both undergraduates and post graduates, have been taught. These changes have happened without appropriate books to meet these needs. The format of professional examination has also changed with allocation of less time for clinical examination. Unfortunately the wealth of knowledge is still hidden under the cover of thick books, difficult to consult or to carry to the patients bedside. This has resulted in a severe lack of knowledge in graduated students who may pass an examination without a thorough/accurate grasp of the subject. Orthopaedic surgery is an increasingly sub-specialised specialty - even a consultants practice may not expose the student to the full range of orthopaedic problems. Rapid Orthopaedic Diagnosis will address all of these issues by taking the reader into step by step examination in less than 10 minutes (Once the reader has familiarised him or herself with the methods) with full explanation of how and why a test is done.

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