Based on an extensive worldwide study, this book reveals what gets boys excited about learningReaching Boys, Teaching Boys challenges the widely-held cultural impression that boys are stubbornly resistant to schooling while providing concrete examples of pedagogy and instructional style that have been proven effective in a variety of school settings. This book offers more than 100 detailed examples of lessons that succeed with male students, grouped thematically. Such themes include: Gaming, Motor Activities, Open Inquiry, Competition, Interactive Technology, and Performance/Role Play. Woven throughout the book is moving testimony from boys that both validates the success of the lessons and adds a human dimension to their impact.The author's presents more than 100+ specific activities for all content areas that have proven successful with male studentsDraws on an in-depth, worldwide study to reveal what lessons and strategies most engage boys in the classroomHas been described as the missing link that our schools need for the better education of boys

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