Foreword by New York Times best-selling author Teri Woods Street lit, also known as urban fiction, addresses with unflinching grit the concerns and problems of city living. Controversial in some quarters, it is also wildly popular, and this readers advisory by street lit expert Morris * Sketches out the rich history of the genre, showing why it appeals so strongly to readers and providing a quick way for street lit novices to get up to speed * Covers a variety of subgenres in terms of scope, popularity, style, major authors and works, and suggestions for readers advisory * Serves as a tool to improve library customer service by strengthening the relationship between library staff and patrons who may be new to using public libraries Emphasizing an appreciation for street lit as a way to promote reading and library use, Morris s book helps library staff establish their street cred by giving them the information they need to provide knowledgeable guidance.

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