His Only Obsession Ex-CIA agent Will Pierce came to Puerto Nuevo for a missing-persons case and didn't expect a beautiful partner like Gwen. As mortal danger found them, Will realised just how far he'd go for a love that had become his most passionate obsession... Stranded with a Spy When Mallory Dawes went to France, her problems piled up. A lost passport. A car swept out to sea. And a mysterious, intriguing man who always seemed to turn up just when she was in trouble... Cutter Smith was told to keep the beautiful blonde in his sights. But his interest in her veered from the professional to the intensely personal... Awaken to Danger Suddenly Nikki Price was the prime suspect in a murder. Even worse, working the case was air force major Carson "Scorch" Hunt - the wingman warrior she'd been pining for...forever. They'd spent one night together months ago and Carson hadn't said a word to her since. But now Carson was the only one who could keep her safe.

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