This book is about the recognition of new principles in Organic Chemistry. It is also about the discovery and invention of Chemical Reactions. In addition, it deals with the determination of structure by chemical degradation during the epoch when physical methods were not well developed. Also presented are new reagents and new types of functional groups never seen in chemistry before. The overall aim of the collected papers is to show how thought can direct original research and to demonstrate how thought about old or new chemical facts can lead to originality. This is further illuminated by commentaries which Prof Barton has written to accompany these papers.Contents:In the BeginningCis-EliminationConformational AnalysisTriterpenoid ChemistrySteroidal AlkaloidsSesquiterpenoids CaryophyllenePlant Bitter PrinciplesFungal MetabolitesBiosynthesis of Phenolic AlkaloidsThe Invention of Photochemical ReactionsNitrite PhotolysisThionobenzoate PhotolysisBiosynthesis of SteroidsTetracyclineElectrophilic FluorinationSynthesis of 1α-Hydroxy- and 1α, 25-Dihydroxy-Vitamin D3The Chemistry of PenicillinThe Synthesis of Highly Hindered OlefinsPhenylseleninic Anhydride and Related OxidantsDeoxygenation of Alcohols by Radical MechanismsRadical-Anion Deoxygenation and Radical DeaminationDeoxygenation By-PathsRadical Decarboxylation: The Chemistry of Barton EstersThe Steroidal Side Chain and Related MattersThe Chemistry Biv and Related StudiesGif Oxidation ChemistryFurther Collaborative Research with Dr S D Gero & His ColleaguesAnd What Remains?Readership: Chemists.

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