A thriller and love story set in Paris at a time of near civil war, when the underground OAS was fighting the government in order to keep the last part of the French Empire. Two friends have intermingling destinies: Captain Yves Finegan is a rebel French Foreign Legion Captain. Joe Bennett is a rich American house builder. They met during the war, and meet again in 1959 in Paris, where Joe starts a subsidiary, pioneering American style housing estates, but falling foul of an unscrupulous and cupid Colonel Buretta. For Captain Finegan, the time has come to rebel once more against the government, to prevent Algerian independence; and he becomes head of the Paris underground activist army-led OAS. Their stories are told through the eyes of an English quantity surveyor working for Joe, who is also Captain Finegan's son-in-law. He accompanies them as they search for a common solution to their very different problems. This is factual fiction - a mixture of personally experienced facts, and authentic historical events concerning the French-Algerian drama.

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