Expert advice for changing how you think about money in order to rebuild and protect your retirement assets.Investors who suffered tremendous losses in the market meltdown of 2008 want to know how to protect themselves from being so vulnerable in the future. In Reclaim Your Nest Egg: Take Control of Your Financial Future, Ken Kamen shows investors how they gave up control of their finances and how they can get it back again. Kamen explains:How to recognize the psychological pitfalls, the distracting noise from the media and the internet, and the bad financial advice that derailed your planning.How to develop a set of investment principles that can serve as your personal Commandments and keep you on course.How to adopt an investment approach that maximizes the potential for growth while reducing risk, and how to implement it without being confused or overwhelmed.Reclaim Your Nest Egg helps readers find a customized investment strategy that suits their budget and temperament and gives them their best chance of meeting their retirement goals.

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