This book provides a systematic review of the fundamental theory of signal reconstruction and the practical techniques used in reconstructing chaotic signals. Specific applications of signal reconstruction methods in chaos-based communications are expounded in full detail, along with examples illustrating the various problems associated with such applications.The book serves as an advanced textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in electronic and information engineering, automatic control, physics and applied mathematics. It is also highly suited for general nonlinear scientists who wish to understand the basics of chaos-based signal and information processing. Written with numerous illustrative applications to capture the interest of casual readers, the book also contains adequate theoretical rigor to provide the necessary foundational as well as advanced material for serious researchers who are working or aspire to work in this area.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Chaos and Communications (801 KB)Chapter 2: Reconstruction of Signals (465 KB)Chapter 5: Signal Reconstruction from a Filtering Viewpoint: Theory (434 KB)Chapter 6: Signal Reconstruction from a Filtering Viewpoint: Application (518 KB)Contents:Chaos and CommunicationsReconstruction of SignalsFundamentals of Neural NetworksSignal Reconstruction in Noisefree and Distortionless ChannelsSignal Reconstruction from a Filtering Viewpoint: TheorySignal Reconstruction from a Filtering Viewpoint: ApplicationSignal Reconstruction in Noisy ChannelsSignal Reconstruction in Noisy Distorted ChannelsChaotic Network Synchronization and Its Applications in CommunicationsReadership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in electronic and communication engineering, physics, automatic control, and applied mathematics; non-experts interested in nonlinear science.

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