Escape from the humiliations of Hope Hall brings no respite for the lovely Amelia Colinbrooke. To her horror, Amelia is obliged to attend a special disciplinary course for wayward young ladies, devised by the Reverend Richard Dawes - the infamous 'chastising chaplain' of Hatherby, a man who brings a truly missionary zeal to the task of thrashing pretty, nubile, girls. Amelia, and the other trembling trainees, soon discover that bitter humiliation, excruciating bondage, and searing corporal correction, are not so much features of the Reverend's training programme, as their entire new way of life. Dawes takes a particular interest in Amelia. Can Colinbrooke pride resist the rigour of his rod? Or will the whip finally break Amelia and her fair companions to absolute submission to the will of the diabolical Reverend Dawes...?

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