Want to know how to destroy a tank? Derail a train? Fell a tree? Break up a gun? Damage telephone wires? Destroy a bridge? Go back in time and become a partisan preparing for Nazi invasion with this original guerilla warfare manual produced for Russian civilians in 1943. The original version of this manual was distributed to the public in December 1941 as Nazi tanks rolled toward Moscow. When Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the Red Army was hard pressed to cope with the 'invincible' Wehrmacht. Yet by 1943, it was obvious that Germany was losing the war. The partisan ranks grew as did the training requirements for the partisan commanders. The 1943 edition of The Partisan's Companion helped quickly train new guerrillas to a common standard. Inside was chapter after chapter of guerrilla warfare and survival tactics designed to turn ordinary civilians into freedom fighters capable of defending their homes against the Nazis. In this complete, expanded and last third edition, the manual incorporates all the lessons learned in battle. You'll learn the tactics of partisan warfare as practiced by Soviet citizens during World War II, including how to ambush the bad guy and get away with it, from railroads to highways; destroy their tanks without detection; blowing up supply stations; set up and use improvised sniper positions; carry out sappy work such as felling trees, damaging telephone and telegraph wires and destroying bridges; surviving under harsh winter conditions and perhaps the most important role of all A reconnaissance and recognizing the enemy before they recognize you.

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