"Manfred Kets de Vries has a profound understanding of what drives leaders, how they make sense of personal situations, make decisions, and take action. This book provides leaders with inspiring and helpful lessons learned when reflecting on a global context and having to change in respect of it. His is an innovative and well–founded approach that we also use when training the global leadership fellows at the WEF." —Professor Gilbert Probst "Manfred Kets de Vries goes straight to the heart of the matter: character! Not the idealized character of a mythical Perfect Leader, but the multifaceted, ambiguous, and often moving result of an individual life molded by mysterious darkness and occasional grace." —Pierre Gurdjian "We all strive to create a consistent high–performance organization, and that means discovering or creating leaders. These are the people with the ?fairy dust? that can make the organization special or alternatively can cause untold damage. This is a...

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