How has China's post-Deng leadership governed the country? How have the changing social and political environments shifted the bases of political legitimacy? What strategies has Jiang Zemin adopted to cope with new circumstances in order to strengthen his leadership? What are the challenges these new reform measures have generated for the leadership? And how have domestic concerns constrained the leadership's intention in China's foreign relations? These are some of the questions which this volume attempts to address.The authors agree that Jiang Zemin is not a man without any political initiative. He has struggled to establish his own style of leadership, and to strengthen the legitimacy of his leadership by setting forth new rules and institutions for political games and by finding new measures to cope with new challenges. This collection of articles shows the success Jiang and his colleagues have had in strengthening their leadership; how the different reform measures have strengthened Jiang's rule; and how the ongoing reform has created new challenges for his regime.Contents:Party, State, and Society:The Politics of Power Succession (Y-N Zheng)The Chinese Communist Party in the Countryside (I Wobowo)State Corporatism and Civil Society (E X Gu)The Religio-Political Significance of Falun Gong and Jiang Zemin's Legacy of Social Stability (W T Liu)The Rule by Law vs the Rule of Law (Y-N Zheng)Social Reform and Challenges:Labor Law for Foreign Investment Enterprises in China (V I Lo)The Political Economy of Public Housing Reform (E X Gu)Conflicts between Societal Desire and Individual Responsibility: Financing Issues in China's Urban Health Insurance Reform (W Yu)China's Growing Concerns over Its Environmental Problems (Y-Q Tong)Domestic Responses to External Relations:The Politics of Human Rights: Stability First, Development Second, and Everything Else Can Wait (L L P Gore)China's Dialogue with the West on Rights: Is There Any Common Ground? (V I Lo)Nationalism and Its Dilemma: Chinese Responses to Embassy Bombing (J Wong & Y-N Zheng)China's Strategic Intentions and Demands: What Is New? (F-L Wang)Readership: General.

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