Rags to Riches... Discovering she could be the heiress to the Fairchild family fortune turns Maria Lafayette's life upside down! As Maria struggles to adapt to her new world, she becomes intoxicated by Andrew Preston - handsome, wealthy but completely wrong for her. Yet even as Andrew makes Maria feel like Cinderella, she knows fairy tales don't exist. And men like Andrew don't fall for women like her... An Innocent Gamble... Her hand in marriage traded in a game of cards, innocent Lottie becomes engaged to the ruthless womaniser Lord Rothsay. But when her true identity is finally revealed, Rothsay should have no qualms about ending the farce. Or has Lottie's sweet nature tamed the ruthless Rothsay, who suddenly wants to turn his inconvenient fiancee into a wife for real? Two BRAND-NEW, DAZZLING Regency tales!

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