I don't have to see your home to know your shame . . . I have my own.But someone loved me just the way I am, and someone loves you just the way you are.Meet Reggie Dabbs.Born as the result of a heart-wrenching decision made by his then sixteen-year-old mom, Reggie offers hope and inspiration to those who are stuck in the despair of their broken beginnings and are crying out for help. It is this first chapter in his life that sets Reggie on the journey of a lifetime-one filled with fear, regret, sorrow, and, ultimately redemption. Taking a chronological look at his life, Reggie reveals the transforming power of faith, weaving in personal anecdotes, biblical principles, and ten ways to discover everything from your voice and your name to your hero and your passion. Prepare to discover, as Reggie did, that although you cannot change your past, you can change your future."Reggie Dabbs is one of the strongest, most influential voices God has raised up to speak to this generation."-Jentezen Franklin"Reggie not only will inspire you but also will lead you on a journey to the core elements of life-and the potential therein to change."-Mark Batterson

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