In this, the first novel in the 'Regression' series, David Cochran, a minor TV celebrity, Professor of Clinical Psychology and renowned academic, uncovers, despite his own initial deep scepticism, tangible physical evidence that proves human reincarnation is actually real. Tragically for Cochran, this momentous discovery, a discovery of truly world changing proportions is overshadowed by the sudden death of his beautiful young wife Helen in a freak road accident. Determined to find the final piece of proof he needs, proof that might help ease his own grief while proving to a doubting world that human reincarnation is real, Cochran becomes increasingly desperate, until he stumbles across a past life of his own as a first century Roman soldier called Septimus Maximus Probus. Gradually the horrors of Cochran's past life as the hardened professional soldier Probus, trained to kill on command, and links between then and his current life, start to emerge, horrors that could yet destroy...

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