Self reinvention is easy! Everybody can reinvent themselves in a challenging economy by incorporating the simple indisputable truths in Reinvention Made Easy. But even the most creative leaders will find this a personally challenging and value changing read. "The economy doesn't go up or down; it becomes different!" The realities of your business have changed forever. Leaders manage the way they react to change. The next year is probably the end of the way we will do business. Your business purpose is not determined by you, but by the needs or wants that are satisfied when the customer buys a product or service. Effective market leaders see themselves from the customer's viewpoint. To reinvent yourself, you must answer these questions raised in Reinvention Made Easy: When will the recession end?, Why don't people buy what I sell?, Why does my team hate me?, Why doesn't my team work always work?, How am I punishing my customers?, What is costing me more money than making me? The answers are so un-comfortable, you will be forced to think your way to very last page.

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