Her energy level is higher than a charged particle.PeopleHer manner is down-to-earth and reassuring.... She tries to make people feel better, value themselves, trust their instincts.Ladies Home JournalIn todays world of instant gratification people have lost the knack for keeping romance alive. Rather than take the time to rekindle the flame that once burned so brightly, we let the fire die out, thinking well find something more lasting with someone else. Often, the result is that we find ourselves repeating the same pattern over and over again or giving up on romance altogether. But true romance never really dies it only goes into hibernation, waiting for somebody to wake it up.Are you bored with your relationship? Does your love life seem routine? Dont throw in the towel! Let Americas star sexologist (TV Guide), Dr. Ruth Westheimer shows you how to inspire a romantic Renaissance in your relationship. With the help of self-exams and easy exercises, she shows you how to:Rate the romance in your relationshipRenew respect and commitmentSpice up your sex lifeFind time for Romance in everyday situationsPlan a romantic getawayFull of straight-talk about real-life relationship issues and peppered with helpful and inspiring anecdotes from her years couples counseling, Rekindling Romance For Dummies helps you:Find the sources of stress in your relationship and address them constructivelyDiscover the importance of communication in overcoming potential sore spotsUnderstand the roles that conflict and mutual respect play in a successful relationshipUse proven techniques for strengthening your relationship, including renewal ceremonies, romantic escapes, and moreOvercome boredom and insecurity in the bedroom and supercharge your sex-life together, well into your golden yearsWork through common stresses that can afflict romance, including financial conflict, pregnancy, and childrearingRecognize how common medical problems can impact the state of your relationship and know when to seek professional helpDont let a good thing fade away. Let Dr. Ruth show you how to embrace the art of romance and keep the fire burning in your relationship.

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