The same people who brought you the most widely used guide to preparing for eLearning are bringing passion back to your learning and training programs. The authors culled through over 400 eLearning programs, hundreds of popular entertainment pieces, and interviews with over 100 people in widely disparate areas to answer a simple question: What will make eLearning have as much impact as popular culture? Renaissance eLearning is the answer. It has everything you need to infuse eLearning with the same magnetism and addictive powers of the typical video game, song, movie, or other form of entertainment. With this book youll learn: How to make emotion and passion as important to eLearning as cognition and intellectHow (and why!) to empower learners to take charge of their own experienceHow to get buy-in from stakeholders for alternative and higher return on investment programsHow to apply the same principles and techniques (including narrative and visual design) used by masters over the centuries to grab attention, foster learning, and have a lasting impact on participantsHow to get the research and information you need without relying on self-proclaimed gurus and exorbitantly priced analystsHow to find and work with the affordable creative talent needed to make your plans a reality

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