The quadratic cost optimal control problem for systems described by linear ordinary differential equations occupies a central role in the study of control systems both from a theoretical and design point of view. The study of this problem over an infinite time horizon shows the beautiful interplay between optimality and the qualitative properties of systems such as controllability, observability, stabilizability, and detectability. This theory is far more difficult for infinite dimensional systems such as those with time delays and distributed parameter systems. This reorganized, revised, and expanded edition of a two-volume set is a self-contained account of quadratic cost optimal control for a large class of infinite dimensional systems. The book is structured into five parts. Part I reviews basic optimal control and game theory of finite dimensional systems, which serves as an introduction to the book. Part II deals with time evolution of some generic controlled infinite dimensional systems and contains a fairly complete account of semigroup theory. It incorporates interpolation theory and exhibits the role of semigroup theory in delay differential and partial differential equations. Part III studies the generic qualitative properties of controlled systems. Parts IV and V examine the optimal control of systems when performance is measured via a quadratic cost. Boundary control of parabolic and hyperbolic systems and exact controllability are also covered. Part I on finite dimensional controlled dynamical systems contains new material: an expanded chapter on the control of linear systems including a glimpse into H8 theory and dissipative systems, and a new chapter on linear quadratic two-person zero-sum differential games. A unique chapter, new to the second edition, brings together advanced concepts and techniques of semigroup theory and interpolation of linear operators that are usually treated independently. The material on delay systems and structural operators is not available elsewhere in book form. Control of infinite dimensional systems has a wide range and growing number of challenging applications. This book is a key reference for anyone working on these applications, which arise from new phenomenological studies, new technological developments, and more stringent design requirements. It will be useful for mathematicians, graduate students, and engineers interested in the field and in the underlying conceptual ideas of systems and control.

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