This book gives a detail description of the handover issues in DVB-H networks, in converged DVB-H/UMTS networks and in hybrid DVB-H/DMB-T networks. Besides, the DVB-H signalling information including ESG is discussed. The current status and the future research directions of DVB-H and DVB-H handover are presented so that the readers can also get an overview of the research methods being used. Although this book is research focused, it also gives a detail introduction to the basic concepts such as handover, time slicing, ESG, etc.. This book is written in a way that even people without prior knowledge of DVB-H can easily understand. At the end of each chapter there are some questions and there are solutions to those questions at the end of the book. This book can be used by researchers, engineers, academics, regulatory bodies and business managers as a reference book, or by university students as a text book or a reference book.

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