This book is written as a comprehensive guide for residents and young orthopaedic surgeons embarking on research, especially for those doing so for the very first time. It is specially designed to cater to the needs of trainees in the region preparing their theses for masters or fellowship degrees in orthopaedic surgery.It provides a detailed insight on the importance of strategic planning, organisational ability, resourcefulness, innovativeness and creativity to produce good research. Even more crucial is the necessity to have dedication, perseverance and strong commitment to pursue research. Infra-structural, technical, manpower and funding support are equally important. It describes how the investigator must plan his research well and outlines the strategies he could adopt to write an application for the much needed research grant.The book presents the basic methodology for animal experimentation research, histological techniques, biomechanical testing, microvascular surgery and cell culture techniques including tissue engineering. Also featured are the latest developments in the various clinical sub-specialties in orthopaedics & reconstructive surgery: spine, hip, knee, paediatrics, hand and oncology, highlighting research opportunities in the various clinical disciplines that could be explored. It ends with a guide on how to write the finished product — an article for a journal or a thesis/dissertation for a post-graduate examination. The final chapter outlines how total objective evaluation of a young researcher's output should be conducted.

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