The authority on building empirical models and the fitting of such surfaces to datacompletely updated and revisedRevising and updating a volume that represents the essential source on building empirical models, George Box and Norman Draperrenowned authorities in this fieldcontinue to set the standard with the Second Edition of Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses, providing timely new techniques, new exercises, and expanded material.A comprehensive introduction to building empirical models, this book presents the general philosophy and computational details of a number of important topics, including factorial designs at two levels; fitting first and second-order models; adequacy of estimation and the use of transformation; and occurrence and elucidation of ridge systems.Substantially rewritten, the Second Edition reflects the emergence of ridge analysis of second-order response surfaces as a very practical tool that can be easily applied in a variety of circumstances. This unique, fully developed coverage of ridge analysisa technique for exploring quadratic response surfaces including surfaces in the space of mixture ingredients and/or subject to linear restrictionsincludes MINITAB

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