Align your selling methods with theirbuying habits for a win-win relationship!"The digital age has dramatically changed the selling profession.John Holland and Tim Young will bring you up to date on their newrules for a customer-centric approach."-Al Ries, bestselling coauthor, War in the BoardroomSince its founding in 2002, CustomerCentric Selling, one of the world's leadingsales training firms, has dramatically changedhow selling is viewed-from simply promotinga product to empowering customers toachieve goals or solve problems through the useof offerings.Today, buyers don't want salespeople tellingthem what they want or need; they've alreadygone online and informed themselves-whichmakes the job of selling more difficult than ever.So how do you reestablish the relevance youpreviously took for granted? How, in the worldof Web 2.0, can you develop long-term relationshipswith customers and maintain yourcompetitive advantage? You must stop focusingsquarely on the selling cycle-and pay closerattention to the buying cycle. In other words,learn how customers want to buy and align yourselling techniques accordingly.In Rethinking the Sales Cycle, two leaders fromCustomerCentric Selling provide the latestresearch into the buying cycle. They present astep-by-step model that helps you seize marketshare and hold it by understanding the five stagesof the buying cycle. Learn how to:Interpret buying behavior at different stagesAssess your competitive position basedupon buyer behaviorRead the impetus behind a buyer objectionMerge your selling process with a buyer'sbuying processTake a committee through a buying cycle tomaximize the chance of consensus at the endWhen it comes to the buying cycle, today's customerswant control. You can give it to themwhen you have a selling strategy aligned withtheir behavior. It's the best and perhaps only wayto succeed in today's ultra-competitive world.Rethinking the Sales Cycle gives you unprecedentedinsight into the mindset, emotions, andbehaviors of buyers. Armed with this information,you will find the solutions you need to leadyour organization to new heights of success.

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