RF Power Amplifiers for Mobile Communications fits in the quest for fully integrated CMOS transceivers. The book tackles both high efficiency and high linearity PA design in low-voltage CMOS, and has a strong emphasis on theory, design and implementation. The book is conceived as a design guide for those actively involved in the design of CMOS wireless transceivers. RF Power Amplifiers for Mobile Communications starts from the basic theory of power amplification from the viewpoint of CMOS integration. The design of switching RF power amplifiers in CMOS is explored and CMOS PA design at low supply voltage using parallel amplification is discussed. Combining both efficiency and linearity is one of the major issues in CMOS PA design for wireless and mobile communications and is subsequently tackled. Different linearization techniques and approaches are discussed and polar modulation is clarified in greater detail. Finally, two CMOS PA implementations are thoroughly covered. RF Power Amplifiers for Mobile Communications offers the reader an intuitive insight in Power Amplification as well as the necessary mathematical background. The book is essential reading for RF design engineers and researchers in the field and is also suitable as a text book for an advanced course on the subject.

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