The Breakthrough Guide to Building Wealth by Battling the Bulge!Did you know if you buy a chicken sandwich with fries every day, you'll consume 291,00 calories , gain 83 pounds, and spend over $1,200 in just one year?Or that if you put that money in a mutual fund, over ten years, you'd save $19,000?Face the facts. There are direct connections between your weight and your wealth, your eating habits and your spending habits. But you can change those habits, cut those calories, trim those pounds-and save a small fortune doing it! This easy-to-follow guide has been specially designed by mother-daughter financial experts who understand just how tempting that daily donut can be, but know a few tricks on how to turn your indulgence into real dough. They'll show you how toSlim your waistline by avoiding calorie-laden foodsFatten your bank account with a dedicated investment strategyGet real about restaurants, take-out, delivery, fast food, and gourmet coffeeGet rich doing it!Includes the amazing Money Calorie Counter! This tool helps you track how many calories you're cutting each day-and how much money you're saving!

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